Year of Drinking Water

Drinking water is the basic means of survival for human beings.

The vast majority of people do not have direct access to drinking water.

Lack of drinking water is the most common cause of death, especially of children all over the world, ahead of cancer, AIDS or tropical diseases.

Lack of drinking water is the first cause of migration and terrorism: people move from the villages to the big cities.

There they lose their traditional social connections: the young women fall into the clutches of prostitution, the young men into the traps of traffickers or terrorist organisations.

In order to combat the causes of migration and terrorism, a worldwide effort must be made to bring drinking water supplies to the last villages of this world.

A think tank financed by the prosperous countries of this world is researching the sustainable implementation of this goal.

Multinational corporations, especially in the food sector, are financing the realisation of the plans drawn up by the scientists.

The governments of the rich countries are proposing to the world community that this project be realised as quickly as possible under the umbrella term „Year of Drinking Water“ and are taking the lead in its implementation.