Caravan is an independent project and should remain so. Therefore, support from the grassroots is necessary. Your commitment helps Caravan to continue on its path, which leads us all to a common goal: a global humane society without exploitation, coercion and war but freedom and peace of all people.

What can you do?

Monetary donation

Support Caravan by donating an amount of your choice:

IBAN: DE26 4306 0129 0380 8347 00


Donation of material resources

In order to be active, we need production resources. You can support us by donating hardware and software. Send us an e-mail to

madujara(AT) (replace the (AT) with @ please)

and we will let you know what we need soon.

Become an ambassador for Caravan

Share what you know about Caravan, spread the word and tell everyone that we are on our way!