Year of drinking Water

CARAVAN is a call for international mobilization to meet the water needs of all global citizens.

The lack of drinking water is currently the biggest problem facing humanity.

Most people in the world do not have access to that most basic human requirement: safe drinking water. The impact in rural regions is particularly devastating, and UN estimates indicate that by 2030, 700 million people will be displaced by lack of safe drinking water.

Without urgent action, lack of safe drinking water will continue to have ever greater implications, including propagation of disease, migration, droughts and attendant food shortages.

To change this, a global effort must bring drinking water supplies to the last villages of this world.

A think tank funded by the prosperous countries of this world is researching the sustainable implementation of this goal.

Multinational corporations, especially in the food sector, are financing the realization of the plans developed by the scientists.

The governments of the leading countries propose to the world community to realize this project as soon as possible under the umbrella term „Year of Drinking Water“ and an independent commission takes the lead in the implementation.

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urgent action

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