The caravan


Those who walk Number Details
Participants 200 Artists including art project management and artistic organizers
Caravan guides 25 Experienced guides of the specific regions
Responsibles for the blocks 10
Local helpers 10
SUM 245
Camels Number Details
Participants‘ camels 200
Guides‘ camels 35
Camels in reserve 10
SUM 245
Those who ride Number Details
Veterinary surgeon 1
Medical men 2
Logistics 8
Drivers, likewise helpers 12
SUM 245
Vehicles Number Details
Jeeps 5 2 for the medical men, 2 for logistics, 1 for organization manager
Trucks 2 for sunshades and the like
The whole staff 268 Caravan plus company
All vehicles 7 All with cross-country capacity and equipment for desert trips *

* All vehicles, animals, and persons mentioned above are forming the caravan.
Night’s camps will be pitched and the reception will be prepared before the caravan’s arrival (see table „Night’s camps“)