In 2050, this planet will have about 10 billion inhabitants.

The questions whose answers are necessary for the survival of humanity will be answered differently by each person. Caravan’s task is to bring these answers together. Caravan is therefore a non-governmental, non-religious and non-ideological initiative: it brings together people with a correspondingly undogmatic attitude. They do not think about how something could be improved within the existing power and economic structures, but what needs to be changed about them in general in order not only to survive, but to become humanity in the first place.

Over thousands of years, people have created the conditions to be able to live together peacefully. Every human being could have clean drinking water, enough to eat, housing, education and free opportunities to develop. The world could provide many times more development, creativity, technology, joie de vivre, art and entertainment, pleasure and diversion for all 8 billion of its citizens.

The opposite is the case, although there is no reason for it. But this opposite is man-made – therefore it can also be transformed into real life by man.

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Caravan is an initiative in which people from all over the world discuss the reorganisation of a global humane society without exploitation, oppression and war. Half men and half women,


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People from all over the world create models according to which the whole world could live together, a world in which the most do not live according to the dictates