Production: Volker Pigors (Germany)

Supervision: Sylvia Sangaré (Suisse/Mali)

Organisation: Salimatou Traoré ( Mali)  

Communcation: Khaled Gaoud (Libya)

Nutrition: Jacky Moeller (Germany) and others

Art departement: Prof. Souleyman Goro (Mali) and others

Webdesign: Bettina Susan (Germany)

Medical support: Dr. Bassy Konaté (Mali)

Intercultural and interreligious awareness and appreciation: Dr. Milena Rampoldi (Turkey)

Technology department: Abdoulaye Kante (Mali)

Ethic and social questions: Dr. Michelle Nintyonyo  Tsafack (Cameroon)

Politics: Christof Wackernagel (Mali/Germany)